Student Accommodation and Library. St Andrews, Scotland

St Andrews Student Accommodation project site is located on the edge of the town which is defined by a ‘Queens Terrace’ road and the steep slope immediately next to it. This condition allows for a stunning view overlooking town’s suburbia and further countryside. The site is surrounded by the prominent ‘Bute Medical Building’ and ‘St Regulus’ student accommodation. The ‘Long Walk’ pathway penetrates the site by connecting the adjacent Queens Terrace with the prominent South Street. The main idea was to position building along the long walk pathway, thus reflecting St Andrews town grain which is defined by the long, narrow plots placed next to each other, facing the main streets. The next move was to connect the proposed scheme to the existing St Regulus student accommodation whose interrupted façade suggest further expansion along the Long Walk. By connecting two buildings a link is formed between new and existing student accommodations. A student library is placed at this junction, available for both study and socialising activities. It is a common, relaxed environment, a place to meet which does not interfere with the privacy of residents and forms a symbolic gesture of urban and social connection.

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